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Two Webinar Streams

We are currently in the process of developing webinars for the following two target populations, with more planned for the future. Details about future monthly webinars will be released as they are completed.

Business Analysts

Business Analyst

These webinars are designed for business analysts who have had some formal or informal training in a business discipline but who do not have any training or prior knowledge in data analytics, statistics, or information technology. It is expected that these business analysts are either working alongside or supervising data analysts.

Data Analysts

Data Analyst

These webinars are designed for data analysts who have had some formal or informal training in data analysis. Some data analysts might have formal training in analytics, statistics, or information technology. Other data analysts might have formal training in an area such as business, and have gained some understanding of analytics through on-the-job learning.

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Business Analytics – Creating an Analytical Culture

When implementing business analytics, projects will be consistently creating change in an organisation. However, one of the major challenges facing organisations today is how to adapt the business through regular projects involving change, with maximum gain and minimum disruption. If change is not managed correctly then any benefits that could be seen from the project will be depleted. In addition, to gain the greatest amount of data and most thorough implementation strategies the whole organisation needs to be behind business analytics. The goal of this webinar is to discuss how to manage change and create an analytical culture. This webinar will address:

  • What is change management?

  • How is change management implemented?

  • What does an analytical culture involve?

  • How to create an analytical culture?

Business Analyst

Business Analytics – Hiring the Right Data Analysts/Scientists

There are a variety of different hiring options that are available for a company and each company has different needs. It is imperative that the correct decision is made, or the project will either be far more expensive than it needed to be or not completed to a standard usable for the organisation. The hiring decision is not just between two people who have applied for a position, but also, if extra staff need to be hired at all. The goal of this webinar is to address key aspects of staffing for a business analytics project, it will address the following:

  • Identifying what your company needs

  • What the different hiring options are

  • What hiring option is the best in each circumstance

  • The attributes to look for in a new hire

Business Analyst

Business Analytics – Managing a Data Analyst/Scientist

Managing a data analyst or scientist is different than managing a regular employee. It can almost seem as though a data analyst or scientist is speaking a different language. This difference in background can often make it difficult to manage this type of employee. However, to maximize results a manager should be involved in every step of the project. This webinar focuses on key aspects of managing a data analyst or scientist. Specifically, it will address the following:

  • How to allocate resources

  • Communication strategies

  • How to judge performance

Business Analyst

Business Analytics – Setting Objectives for Analytics within a Business (What are we trying to accomplish?)

After deciding that business analytics is a worthwhile endeavour for a company, the next decision is which project to undertake. There may be many areas of the business that could be improved or there may not be any distinct problems. Deciding which project to focus on and where to start is the hardest part of any project and these decisions need to be made by you, the manager or executive. Once a target area has been identified and a core question to focus on has been constructed then project can be undertaken by someone else internal or external to the company. However, if the correct question isn’t identified and communicated properly to staff, then the results and conclusions are not going to benefit the company. Therefore, this webinar will focus on:

  • Identifying target areas

  • Importance of asking the right question/s

  • How to construct research questions

Business Analyst