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Insight Research Services Associated provides numerous services that have benefited clients around the world. Find out more about these services below.

Program Evaluation


An underlying tenet in project management states that what can't be measured can't be managed. As such program evaluation (using both quantitative and qualitative research techniques) plays a vital role in program delivery and policy development. 


Every professional discipline is grounded in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. Our staff has 20 years’ experience providing statistical expertise to a wide range of clients. Find out how we can support you in the unique characteristics of your own projects.


Survey Design and Management

Good research data can only be collected if there is a carefully designed research survey. Our staff have designed and conducted surveys for a range of academic, government and industry clients. These surveys were designed for samples as small as 100 participants and as large as 20,000 participants.

Focus Groups and Interviews

Surveys are an essential method for obtaining data from a large number of participants. However participants are often limited to providing responses in a fairly limited format. In a focus group or interview participants do not have this restriction and can provide incredibly detailed responses to apparently simple questions. 


Literature Reviews

A sophisticated evaluation takes advantage of the many lessons learnt through conducting academic research. Our team have spent over 20 years conducting literature reviews within an academic environment.

Economic Analysis

Cost effectiveness and cost benefit analysis are crucial techniques employed when trying to apply scarce resources to a given productivity sector.


Information Systems

We have highly trained staff in the field of software engineering, information systems, and data management. We are eager to apply our expertise to your unique applications. Find out what we can do for you.


Having presented over 80 webinars and multi-day workshops in business analytics, let us work with you to expand the skill base within your own organisation. 

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