Our team

Our team brings together a wide network of core team members and associates. Our diverse, multi-disciplinary team includes a strong foundation within the University of Queensland. We also are strong believers in the inclusion of application matter specialists within any evaluation.

Our core team consists of the following people:

  • Dr Mark Griffin - Director, Statistician, Survey Methodologist, and Computer Engineer
  • Naomi Griffin - Psychologist
  • Alex Gibbs - PhD Student in Organizational Psychology and Junior Consultant
  • Claire Houvenagel - Junior Consultant specializing in Data Science
  • Irene Reddecliffe - Junior Consultant specializing in Statistics and Ecology
  • Olabanji Alo - Junior Consultant specializing in Data Science

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In addition to working with Insight, Mark also holds an adjunct appointment at the University of Queensland.

Contact Mark:

T : + 61 448 176 926
E:  m.griffin@insightrsa.com

Dr Mark Griffin

Founding Director

Dr Mark Griffin is the Founding Director of the Australian Development Agency for Statistics and Information Systems. Mark has over 20 years' experience working as a business analyst specializing in statistics, survey methodology, and information systems. He has provided consultancy services to academic and industry staff in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, and to a range of industry clients including GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Exxon Oil, and World Vision. Since the formation of ADASIS he has presented over 80 two-day workshops in statistics and survey design around Australia.

Mark works with a number of technical societies:

  • International Institute for Business Analysis (Deputy Regional Director for the Asia-Pacific Region and Founding Chair of the Special-Interest Group for Business Analytics)
  • Statistical Society of Australia (Member of the Executive Committee)
  • Australian Market and Social Research Society (Member of the Queensland Committee and certified Qualified Practising Market Researcher)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (Senior Member)
  • Australian Computer Society (Certified Professional)

Mark has the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Mathematics)
  • Graduate Diploma of Statistics
  • Masters of Biostatistics
  • PhD (Mathematics)
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Naomi Griffin


Naomi is a Counselling Psychologist and Accredited Supervisor, registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. She has attained over 10 years’ experience across tertiary education, government and private sectors. Beginning with roles in case management and administration with large organisations such as WorkCover Queensland and Queensland Health, Naomi moved into psychology in 2004. From that time she has continued providing professional and personal support to long-term unemployed, to domestic and international university students, and to teenagers and adults seeking assistance in a private practice setting. Aside from working directly with clientele in a therapeutic role, Naomi has provided professional supervision to both provisional and registered psychologists since 2010, mainly in connection with the Master of Applied Psychology at the University of Queensland. She has contributed to research conducted by the University of Queensland’s School of Public Health, and by the Uniting Church in Australia.

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Alex Gibbs

PhD Student in Organizational Psychology and Junior Consultant

Alexandra is a current PhD student in Organizational Psychology at the University of Queensland. She has a Masters in Public Health from the UQ, and an undergraduate degree in Behavioural Science (Psychology) with Distinction from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She has consulting experience gained from AECOM; a global consulting company and is presently employed as an educator at a children’s out of school hours care (OSHC). Alexandra has both applied research and educator practitioner experience. Alexandra’s research skills have been developed through her work for her Master’s degree, which has a strong statistics requirement. In Alexandra’s educator role at OSHC, Alexandra develops educational programs and implements these programs primarily for 7 to 12 year olds. Alexandra’s research is focusing on verifying parent’s perceptions of their children’s learning experience at OSHC. At AECOM, Alexandra helped to develop and manage a range of scientific consulting projects and hence has gained skills in project management and delivery.

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Claire Houvenagel

Junior Consultant specializing in Data Science

Claire is currently pursuing a Master of Engineering (Software Engineering) at the University of Queensland. She completed her undergraduate studies in France—her native country—at École Centrale Paris, a prestigious General Engineering School. Throughout her master's degree, Claire will be enhancing her information technology and data science skills. She has experience in project management gained from Groupe 1000mercis, a global digital marketing company. As a project manager, she supervised several Data Management Platform (DMP) projects for various clients. Claire also has research experience. As part of her final year of her master's degree, Claire is undertaking a thesis on the topic of extreme weather events in Australia, which requires strong statistical analysis skills. This thesis is based on the results of a large longitudinal survey (HILDA survey) from the Department of Social Services of the Australian Government. 

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Irene Reddecliffe

Junior Consultant specializing in Statistics and Ecology

Irene is currently working on a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Applied Mathematics, having recently completed her Bachelor of Science with distinction in Applied Mathematics and Wildlife Ecology at Griffith University. During her undergraduate studies, she took multiple courses in Statistics and is seeking to expand her knowledge of data science. Upon completion of her Bachelor of Science with Honours, Irene is planning to pursue a PhD in the field of Mathematical Ecology and Modelling.

Olabanji Alo.jpg

Olabanji Alo

Junior Consultant specializing in Data Science

Olabanji is currently studying a Master of Health Services Management at Griffith University. He previously earned his Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of Queensland. He has worked in healthcare management consulting firms where he served as a programs officer within the strategic information unit—providing mentoring, supervisory and capacity building functions to the health care workforce. Olabanji has interests in health informatics and recently completed research on My Health Records usage in Australia. He is seeking to further improve his data analysis techniques and research skills by employing various analytical methodologies to inform evidence-based research and decision making.